ARIS Course Management website (
McGraw-Hill’s ARIS–Assessment, Review, and Instruction System–for
Vander’s Human
Eleventh Edition, is a complete electronic homework and course management
system. Instructors can create and share course materials and assignments with colleagues
with a few clicks of the mouse. Instructors can edit questions, import their own content,
and create announcements and due dates for assignments. ARIS has automatic grading
and reporting of easy-to-assign generated homework, quizzing, and testing. Once a
student is registered in the course, all student activity within McGraw-Hill’s ARIS website
is automatically recorded and available to the instructor through a fully integrated grade
book that can be downloaded to Excel. Instructors: To access ARIS, request registration
information from your McGraw-Hill sales representative.
Text website (
The ARIS website that accompanies this text offers an extensive array of
learning and teaching tools.
Interactive Activities—Fun and exciting
learning experiences await the student at
Vander’s Human Physiology
Chapters offer a series of interactive
activities like art labeling, animations,
vocabulary fl
ashcards, and more!
Practice Quizzes at the
Vander’s Human
text website gauge student
mastery of chapter content. Each chapter
quiz is specially constructed to test
student comprehension of key concepts.
Immediate feedback to student
responses explains why an answer is
correct or incorrect.
Tutorial Service is a free “homework
hotline” which offers the students the
opportunity to discuss text questions with our human physiology consultant.
Presentation Center (
Build instructional materials wherever, whenever, and however they are needed!
Presentation Center is an online digital library containing assets such as photos,
artwork, animations, and PowerPoints that can be used to create customized lectures,
visually enhanced tests and quizzes, compelling course websites, or attractive printed
support materials.
Access to your book, access to other McGraw-Hill books!
The Presentation Center library includes thousands of assets from many McGraw-Hill
titles. This ever-growing resource gives instructors the power to utilize assets specifi c
to an adopted textbook as well as content from all other books in the library.
Nothing could be easier!
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